Elix-St GmbH was founded in 2002.  The company is focused on research, development and production of electromagnetic wave absorbent materials for anechoic chambers.

Elix-St GmbH has production facilities in Germany and other countries.  Since its inception the company has produced over 25,000 sq meters of absorbers.

Deep experience in engineering and production operations, as well as unique measurement instruments allowed the company to develop quickly a broad range of high quality electromagnetic wave absorbers made of flame-resistant and non-toxic materials.  Compared with the best competition, the company’s products have better operational performance and longevity.

The company’s main product line – Universal-Delta absorbers – was introduced in 2002.  In order to maintain consistently high level of technical characteristics, production process has been subject to three stage quality control.

Thanks to the constant improvements in production technology, modernization in the product design, introduction of new promising materials, the company products have maintained their leading positions.  Reliable and stable performance of Universal-Delta absorbers has been proven by periodic tests, outstanding operational history and zero product returns in more than 15 years since their introduction.



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