Universal-Delta pyramid-shaped electromagnetic wave absorbers are used for lining anechoic chambers for testing radio wave emitting equipment and antennae of various use, as well as shielded rooms for radio compatibility testing. Additional uses include personnel protection against electromagnetic radiation.

Universal-Delta patented absorbers are pyramid-shaped flame-resistant polymer material containers filled with non-combustible electromagnetic absorbent mixes of two kinds: carbon fiber-based dry mix or foam glass granules with internal absorption, either of which ensures stable performance and operation.

Production of Universal-Delta absorbers has a three stage quality control: initial assessment of raw materials, continuous measurement of characteristics of absorbent mix, and final measurements of completed units under standard, to ensure high electromagnetic absorption performance.

Universal-Delta absorbers are classified as fire resistant (Certificate 9023736000) and environmentally safe absorbent materials (Certificate 55178729-12-1).


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